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Book Report Sample

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Book Title:” The Boy Who Could Fly
Author: Sally Gardner
Publisher: Dolphin Paperback
Character summary
Thomas Top
A ten year-old boy, who was a very ordinary student. He did not have his own idea and always follow what others said. . that was what his father taught him. He tried to do everything in a normal and simple way. When his birthday came, a fat fairy gave him some mysterious power.
Mr. Top
Thomas’ father, who was a very strict and typical father. He wanted everything to be normal. He wanted his family members to follow all his thoughts and order, which later angered Thomas and Mrs. Top.
Mrs. Top
Thomas’ mother, who was originally a normal housewife. Later, she realized that his son was scolded by his father and the school because of the power he had. She protected Thomas and had a great quarrel with Mr. Top.
Mr. Vinnie
An old man. Like Thomas, he could fly. He enjoyed the way of flying and the freedom he had.
Plot Summary
One day, it was Thomas’ birthday. A fairy came and gave him a wish. Thomas couldn’t think of any, but at last, he did say that he wanted to fly.
Later on, he found out that this wish really came true. This news was also known by the school. They were not happy with that and kicked Thomas out of the school. Thomas felt worried because his father always said that they should had a normal life. His father and mother both knew that. His mother supported Thomas while his father did not. They finally quarreled and mum stayed at her sister’s house.
Then Thomas met Mr. Vinnie who could also fly. They found out that his father was an extraordinary person when he was young. His father loved
Later Mr. Top’s birthday came. Thomas and Mr. Vinnie persuaded him to follow his own dream. Finally he succeeded. His father persuaded the headmaster to let his son go back to school. They also repainted the ordinary house to an extraordinary one to welcome Mrs. Top. Eventually Mrs. Top returned and they all lived a happy life!
This was definitely a good book. It makes me think of many things. First is about “dreams”. People always had a dream while they were young. However, they forget or don not fulfill it as time flows. I think we should have a dream, no matter it is a big one or small one, try to finish it. Don’t hide it inside your heart. Don’t think that it is a baby-like dream. The process of fulfilling a dream makes your grow and grow, learn and learn. That is the message the book gives. Do what you think is right. Our dreams are the incentive for us to achieve higher goal. If you hide your dreams, you may regret when you are old. After reading this book, I find out that to fulfill our own dreams is very important.
Secondly was about your own style. In the story, the whole family tried to do everything ordinarily. I disagree with that. I think each person has his own potentials and abilities. There is no need for you to follow others or for others to follow you. We have our personality. Our potentials are the gifts given by God. Don’t hide them or throw them away. Just trust yourself and do the best. If everyone does the same in the whole world, we are no longer different from the robots!
Therefore I highly recommend students to read this book. The word uses in it are simple and easy to understand. If you have nothing to read, do read this book

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