Friday, December 9, 2011

Now that you're reading/writing short stories, think about these

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Some questions:

  •  Is a short story always about a change in a character?  If so is Cinderella a short story? Does she change?
  • How long is a short story?
  • Is a short story one or many? Does it have one theme, one setting, focus on one character? In general, does the word ONE describe a short story?
  • Is it easy to get a short story published? On the Internet?
  • Can you make a living writing short stories?
  • Compelling open              ___
  • Characterization               ___
  • Interesting plot                 ___
  • Dialogue natural               ___
  • Pace is good                    ___
  • Point of view consistent    ___
  • Protagonists take action   ___
  • Setting effective               ___
  • Theme developed            ___

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