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Notes on Survey Report Writing

Notes on Survey Report Writing

  • “Survey” = questions and answers; “Report” = your writing, telling what you learned, analyzing, and making recommendations
  • You should give your essay a title. Since a survey report is a very practical, factual piece of writing, it should have the topic and basic information “in a nutshell”.
  • The words of a title should all begin in caps, except for conjunctions and prepositions. (See the article referred to, below.)The title should be in the center of the page, and if it helps, underline each word and use bold to set it off from the rest of the writing.  E.g.,
             Report on a Survey of Consumer Attitudes
  • “medium” ß singular;   “media” ß plural; e.g., “There are two media we should use: the Internet and TV.  One medium will not be enough.”
  • The topic (or subject) of this writing was not mobile phones.  The topic was: a survey on consumer attitudes towards advertising.  Your Introduction should have stated this.
  • “find” means: to look for something; “find out”, a phrasal verb, means: to learn something new.  They have different meanings and uses.  E.g., “I cannot find my pen”; “We want to find the best way to advertise”; “When did you find out you had to do this writing?”; “We want to find out if TV is a better way of advertising than the Internet”.
  • Use correct indentation to guide the reader’s eye to the section or subsection that he wants to read.  Most readers of writing like a survey report do not want to begin “at the top”.  They want to be able to quickly find and read the information that is most important to them.  Numbering convention:

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